Hudoud Alteqnia offers to enable the mining industry to be 24×7 aware of its assets and resources in real-time.

The solutions start from mapping the territories of the licensed lands and security zones around it including CCTV and sensors. Furthermore, the actual findings in terms of material deposits are mapped in 3D showing forecasted density and computing approximate pure materials weight/volume and market prices based on mining company input.

The solutions extend to building control rooms, providing information-feed from the field through sensors inside mines, GPS inside vehicles, GSM to communicate back and forth including rugged handheld devices in the field, satellite communications to cover exploration areas or vehicles off GSM coverage, RFID technologies within mines and offices to enrich the companies’ information systems and enable different levels at the organization to make the right informed-decisions.

The solution also provides statistics and simulation systems that help the Mining industry in managing logistics and forecasting needed resources.

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