Utilities - Copy

Electricity, Water, Water Desalination, Telecom, Postal Service

A major sector for Hudoud Alteqnia can benefit from a vast number of enterprise solutions including:

Network OSP and ISP management including water pumps, reservoirs, dams, wells, water distribution network, desalination plants, power generation plants, electric stations, substations, transformers, feeders, poles, cables, chilled water pipes, transmission towers, copper cables, fiber and conduits, etc..

Capacity planning, coverage gap analysis, and expansion forecasting including generation of required BoQs.

Maintenance and problem analysis for various networks

Field teams management, tracking, navigation, dispatching, control rooms, Field rugged PDAs, complete software automation of processes.

GeoMarketing and demographic analysis.

Zip Codes and POIs mapping and transportation teams tracking and parcel tracking.

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