Smart Grid Enterprise Elements


Hudoud Alteqnia cooperates with world leaders to bring the latest technologies in Smart meters, distribution automation, real-time information analysis, and integration with SCADA. All the above with full representation and integration of electric network elements using GIS and asset management technologies, also integrating with financial, billing and other systems.

Smart grids are evolving and becoming a necessity and an obligation by various power sector stakeholders. Information dissemination is vital for the operation of today’s modern power grid. Power companies all over the world are using smart grids for matching power demand and supply, provisioning for surges in power demand, affecting consumers behavior to optimize resources. In addition, Smart grids provide transparent relations with the public, better control over power supply at various nodes, and savings in manpower requirements.
Hudoud Alteqnia helps the power sector to move to the next level in smart grid technologies. Please contact us to discuss how we can  help you in various smart grid systems and their requirements.
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