Tracking and Navigation, dispatching, transportation monitoring


Transportation sector all over the world is undergoing fast changes. Modern Information and communication Technologies are used in planning, monitoring, operating, maintaining, law enforcement, and facilitating the transportation experience.

City or country wide transportation planning support using GIS, sensors, imagery, statistics, vehicles movement trends surveys, CCTV, command and control traffic monitoring, dissemination of traffic congestion and accidents to drivers with GPS navigation and phones, is available along with our international partners who have done major system for cities and states and groups of countries around the world.

Corporations that need to track their fleets and give navigation assistance to their drivers can make use of mobile units in vehicles in land or sea. Electricity, Telecom, postal service, water, distribution companies, taxi and buses companies, and similar industries can use these advanced systems to plan the routes, dispatch their crews and get online feedback on activities like dropping packages, installing services, repairs and maintenance, and others. Such activities would also be visible in the control rooms or at the decision makers screens to keep them informed and alerts are automatically sent and escalated about any issues that need to be communicated.

For further information regarding the transportation planning solutions or the Tracking and Navigation, contact us.

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